Panther Pi Bots


Raspberry Pi Zero W Microcenter
Jumper wires
Dual motor driver L298N Amazon
2x motors TT-type
5v power buck regulator
Battery holder 4AA
4x AA batteries
4×6 in plywood base
4x 3” dia. Plywood wheels
⅛ in. wood dowel
Hot glue

Optional: Casters, camera, sensors, steering servo


USING THE BLUEDOT APP  which is Android only, sorry 🙁 

  1. Turn on robot (switch on black battery holder)
  2. Turn on phone bluetooth.
  3. Check # on robot (1-5) which will show up in bluetooth for pairing.
  4. Pair with bluetooth of robot you want.  If switching between bots, it may help to unpair (or forget) previous robots.
  5. Install Blue dot app on phone:
  6. Open Blue dot and connect to robot
  7. Drive forward or reverse, turn left or right, by pressing the blue dots in the four directions.


Basic Steps


  • Load operating system (Raspbian)
  • Connect to computer
  • Write program for robot
  • Run program at boot of computer
  • Connect to remote controller (phone)

Operating system (OS) — guides to put on microSD card that goes in Raspberry Pi

Connecting: Either with a monitor (HDMI) or another computer (Secure Shell or SSH)

Program:  Set of instructions for robot, we use python which is one (of many) computer languages because it is easy and widely used.

  • We use the bluedot example
  • Running program at boot involves adding a couple instructions to the startup script (rc.local) to point to the program
  • Raspbian OS (computer operating system)
  • On microSD card, follow guides
  • Modes to work on Raspberry Pi:
  • Graphical:  Like a normal computer (Rasbperry Pi → HDMI → Monitor)
  • Headless: Connect to Raspberry Pi over network.  SSH (Secure Shell) is typical.
  • Programming
  • Definition: Set of instructions for a computer to follow.
  • Python is our choice programming language.
  • Easy to understand, widely used.